Monday, April 30, 2007

Awesome DAD!

Pictures speak a thousand words...Nate you rock!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Burke E. Nelson poses for the camera

Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long that we posted our last blog. Our schedules and appointments have kept us going day after day. Burke has been doing very well and he has been working dilgently at listening, talking, gaining muscle, playing, and growing...he's approx 15 lbs now! We're full on into the process for getting a Cochlear Implant for Burke...we think he's going to be a candidate but there is much testing to be done before they'll make a final decision. Our days are filled with lots of time spent eating, practicing our "auditory verbal" therapy, dealing with his hearing aids (which are working great but are a pain to keep on his ears and from buzzing with feedback) motor skill development and just playing and loving our time with this precious boy. He is soooo happy, content, playful, adorable, funny and giggly! His sweet little personality is really starting to show...he's totally cute! We have more good days than hard days now...but, we're still a little low on sleep and a little stressed with all of the appointments during the week. We hope that after his Cochlear Implant stuff is over the appointments will be slowing down a bit.
On another note, I should mention that these gorgeous photos are just a few of our favorites from a photo shoot that we had with our friend Jenny in Yakima. She offered to take professional photos of us and let me tell you, they turned out amazing! It was so healing to look at Burke interact with us through the lense of her was like stepping back and getting a fresh perspective on just how amazing he really is and how the hours of hard work are paying off!
Wow, it's been a long road through the winter months and we're sure glad it's springtime...the flowers and trees are in full bloom here in Seattle and we get out at least every day for walks. Yipeee! Burke loves the fresh air and all the sites and sounds on the Burke-Gilman trail! (he even likes going shopping with mommy at U Village :)) We are looking forward to a good summer...we plan a road trip to visit Nina (Chris's mom) in Sacramento with a stop in Central Oregon to visit Uncle Dave, Uncle Stealth, Auntie Shelly and Auntie Jenni (Chris's bro's and sis in laws). We pray that Burke adapts ok to the car ride (he gets a bit antsy in his car seat so we'll be making lots of stops to stretch our legs)!
We hope to post more in a few weeks when we have more info about Burke's hearing and CI stuff...keep checking in! :) Love to you all!