Sunday, May 27, 2007

Burke enjoys memorial day weekend!

Just a few cute updated photos of our boy! We're currently doing well after a big scare on Wednesday morning when Burke stopped breathing after eating his bottle. I (Chris) had to ressucitate him and thankfully was successful. he was blue and limp for approx 1 minute but started breathing again after I gave him mouth to mouth. We took a ride in an ambulance around the block to Childrens and then spent the night in the hospital but all checked out well and the tests on his swallowing and esophagus were totally normal. The experts think he was so upset and refluxing his milk so much that his body naturally shut down his airway to protect itself from aspiration. Burke bounced right back and has been fine ever since...the nurses thought he was so cute and happy in the hospital and asked if he was always this happy...the answer is yes with the exception of Wed morning :)! We're in the process of getting approved for a cochlear implant. We have approx 3 appts per week and they are pretty intense and exhausing for all of us (hence the lack of blogging lately). We hope that Burke will be approved (basically his hearing has to be bad enough to need an implant which we believe it is) and will have surgery sometime in July or August for the implant. The surgery is complicated but we have the best of the best surgeon who is one of the leading experts in our country! We've also discovered that Burke is lacking growth hormone so we'll be going to have more testing done in Endocrinology clinic and then he'll begin to receive injections of growth hormone for the next (get ready...) 16 yrs! aaaahhh...that is overwhelming but we're glad that they are catching this early so he doesn't loose inches or time for growth! Burke is a trooper and we're trying to hang in there with him...he's quite a kid with lots of personality. He's got a great sense of humor, loves to laugh and play, loves music, rides in his stroller, the wind in his face, his kitty cat, his silky green blanky, putting things (everything) in his mouth, the cool grass on his feet, stroking my hair when he falls asleep, eating, socializing and getting a bath. He doesn't like naps or being hungry and that's about it...pretty content for such an "exciting" lifestyle! :) Much love to you all...thanks for keeping up with us! Chris

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