Sunday, October 29, 2006

10-28-06 Burke's new girlfriend!

Our dear friends Mark & Elle Bullard came to visit and introduce us to their beautiful little girl Avery! In these pics, I'm holding Avery and Elle is holding Burke. Avery was born September 1st and this was the first time either of us had the opportunity to hold each others was wonderful! We think Burke and Avery make a very cute couple...don't you! :)

Tomorrow (monday) we take Burke for his 4 month well child check and immunizations...should be a crazy day (he'll get 5 shots)!! yikes! I'm really looking forward to knowing his current weight. Nate think's he weighs 10# 2oz and I'm wagering he's 10# 3oz (I've been right most of the time so I think odds are in my favor...hehe!) We have a busy week again with many clinic and occupational/physical therapy on Tuesday and audiology on Thursday. Burke will have more hearing evaluations done and probably fitted for hearing aids this week. We still pray and hope that his hearing will regenerate on it's own but know that the hearing aids will be so helpful in allowing sound to start stimulating the auditory center of the brain to build the necessary pathways so he can hear and speak!

We received great news that great grandpa is sending us a new video camera so we can document Burke's tremendous growth and development. We are pumped to be able to share more than just pics with you all on when we get it figured out! :) to be continued...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

10-23-06 Sweety Bear

Our little guy is getting more handsome daily and gaining weight at a positive rate. On this day, Burke was going on a walk with mommy and needed to get dressed for the cool rainy Seattle day. Burke enjoys getting outside in his stroller and checking out the sights. He is very visual and picks up on the shadows and different objects out in the world. It appears in the picture that he knows that he is going outside for another adventure.

Burke is currently weighing in at 9 lbs 11 ounces and displaying some beautiful fat roles. He has been eating very well over the last two weeks and continues to show impressive signs of swallowing, breathing and sucking. Every week Burke goes up 5 cc's per bottle feed and at this point he is at 65 cc's every feed. 600 cc's every 24 hours. The staff at Children's Hospital and Burke's pediatrician are pleased with his weight and consider him on track for his age and specific needs.

We are so proud of Burke and so thankful that he is accomplishing so much after all that he has been through. Every day he is doing something new or showing us signs that he is developing like a child should. What a joy, our little Burke.

Thank you all for continued prayers and help over the last 4 months. The support and specific needs that have been met by so many friends and family has been over the top. Never did we expect so many people stepping up and providing their love and time. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you all and Burke will grow up knowing that he is known and loved by so many people.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

10-14-06 Experiencing the world!

Burke has really grown a ton over the past week ..he is so much more interactive and playful...more and more like a happy healthy baby each day! He's been learning to reach for toys (note the toys are fish as we're hoping to encourage and develop his fishing skills early so he can keep up with his uncles on the river someday (watch out Stealth!) Burke took his first car ride yesterday and LOVED it...he was very attentive to everything...then he fell asleep...good for us but I wonder if he wished he could have stayed awake to explore his world a little more! Burke sure doesn't like to miss a thing these days...I think he's actually learning to enjoy life and relax a bit now. Of course we are still exhausted as he eats every 2 hours all night long but we're so thankful he's eating so well and celebrate with each empty bottle. Praise God for His faithfulness and good work in healing our little guy...please pray as we continue to trust that He will complete the good work He has started in Burke and in our family!

Monday, October 09, 2006

10-9-06 The Three Babysitters

Hello from Home! This is a picture of Uncle Nick, Auntie Jill and our very friendly kitty cat babysitting Burke while mommy took a shower (what a luxury)! Auntie Jill came to stay with us for a few days and helped out tremendously...she took over when I was too tired to function..THANK YOU JILLY! It's been pretty overwhelming to meet all of Burke's needs during the past few weeks. He's quite fussy and a bit unpredictable but we're beginning to figure him out (and he's figuring us out too). Burke has really proven to be a fantastic eater and is gaining weight steadily. We rarley need to use his G-tube for feeding as he takes almost 100% of his feeding by mouth (a huge difference from one month ago). He was up to 8# 6oz last Tuesday and will be weighed again tomorrow at his pediatric appointment.

On another note, we recieved confirmation that Burke has hearing loss in both ears (one ear has progressively been getting worse and they believe this is due to receiving high doses of ototoxic antibiotics). His hearing loss will require intervention (hearing aids/cochlear implants). This has been a devastating diagnosis and we are really struggling with the implications this will have for Burke's development and future interactions with others. We are really praying that his hearing will be restored but if not, that we will be able to cope with this new diagnosis and all that it entails. What a road this has been...still on the journey of many unknowns...but we have hope that Burke's life will enrich us all and teach us how to love and life in a much deeper and more meaningful way.