Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31, 2007...Updates!

Hey all! Happy First Birthday to Burke and 31st to Chris!

We're doing well.... Burke is on the surgery schedule for his cochlear implant on October 9th! We're so excited! He's doing well with his hearing aids but we're ready for the implant as it will give him even more access to sound for language development. He's being evaluated for growth hormone definciency and currently taking testosterone shots once a month for 3 months to help his little male parts grow :) He's stronger and has hair on his chest (haha...j/k)....actually he's stronger and is holding his torso and head much better. He still needs support to sit but can do it on his own for about 30 secs to a minute if he's well occupied. He still isn't crawling but can spend more time on his tummy and hold himself up on hands and knees...I know just one of these days I'm gonna be putting up baby gates all over the place...he's such a busy bee! (that's a nickname for him by the way...bzzzz...bizzy beeee!)
Nate is currently working on his counseling practice in the evenings and staying home with Burke during the day while I work until 2pm...it's going very well! Burke really likes spending time with his daddy and visa versa! It's really helped him develop physically as Nate is great at doing physical therapy stuff with him during the day. The speech and language pathologist told us he doesn't need feeding therapy...oh my goodness...we were super excited!!! Oral skills and feeding were supposed to be the area that he was expected to need the most help with...we are so fortunate!
So, we're looking forward to a trip to the Washington Coast with the Nelson clan this coming month...we can't wait for Burke's mouth full of sand and salt water :) We still have lots of appointments in preparation for the cochlear implant surgery in October. We have 2 different home visitors (physical therapy and auditory verbal therapy) coming each week along with more testing for his possible growth deficiency. Busy times! All in all, we're in good spirits and so thankful for our happy and amazing little boy who lights up our lives each and every day! praise praise for such a beautiful blessing!