Sunday, February 25, 2007

Holding on...2.25.07

This week Burke has made many accomplishments! He's been holding his own bottle for the whole feed and eats every last drop! yum yum yum!!! He's been scarfing down his green beans (favorite so far) and holds the spoon and feeds himself..(what does he need me for now?) :) We are super proud of how well he's been eating and the determination he has to embrace all the challenges set before him! You go Burke!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Valentine Weekend 2.17.07

Hi! We had a great long and relaxing weekend in Yakima with the grandparents. We had time to relax, eat great food, get some sunshine and go for long walks! Burke continues to grow and eat well. He sat up in his booster seat at the table with us and it was fun to feed him green beans while we ate! He fell in love with his little soccer ball and now it goes everywhere with daddy like son! We are so proud of Burke and enjoying him more each day. Life is normalizing for us more lately and we are getting more sleep which makes everything better. We are really concentrating on teaching Burke all about words and sounds...we do lots of "radio commentary" all day long. Basically we talk to Burke about everything we do, see and think and try to link sounds, sights, music and expressions to our words. It's exhausting to talk so much and try to think of things and ways to describe the world to him but exciting to watch him starting to comprehend. This week we got an FM system for Burke's hearing aids. Basically either Nate or I wear a small lapel microphone and a wireless transmitter box that clips on the belt. This allows us to transmit our voice directly into a receiver attached to his hearing aids thus direclty into his ears which allows him to hear us more clearly in noisy situations or when there is a lot of feedback from his hearing aids. He seems to be responding well to our voices and we can talk to him up to 150ft away! It's great to be able to comfort him with my voice from the other room...he definitally calms down when he hears our voices!
Well...better get to bed! Uncle Bubba (Tim) comes up to visit tomorrow so should be a ton of fun! Love to all of you and thanks for keeping up with us and please continue to pray for us and especially for Burke's hearing improvement and continued improvement in feeding. Praise God for his grace in our's because of Him that Burke is so full of life!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

2-8-06 Fun times

Here we are just having a good time enjoying our little guy! This photo was taken last week after we had a nice long walk with grandpa & grandma! Burke loves to get outside and enjoy the fresh air...even if it's raining!

Yesterday Burke weighed in at 13# 7oz....he's certainly growing well and eating like a champ...he tried sweet potatoes today and thought they were yummy.

to see videos of Burke go to and log in with our user name:Burke 26 and password mayb362676

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2-7-07 Amazing Bond

We've been having a great week! Burke has been so much fun to play and interact with. He loves to laugh and talk...and he especially loves daddy time! This week Burke has been able to eat a few times without being hooked up to his tube for "decompressing"...this has been a very exciting accomplishment!

Nate and I are both experiencing an intense and amazing bond with Burke. Yesterday Burke looked at me in a way that he's never done was like he looked directly into my heart and I completely melted. It was almost like God was speaking through him saying...I love you and it's going to be ok. The really interesting part was that Nate had an entirely seperate experience with Burke that was very similar to mine. It wasn't until this morning when I was describing my experience that Nate explained he had the same! Burke has an incredible ability to communicate and relate to us...he is so "in tune" with his surroundings and the people in his life! His auditory verbal therapist says she would never have known he was a premie by the way he interacts socially...he is exceeding in his ability to communicate and connect...what a huge gift God has given us in this little boy. He inspires me every day!