Monday, March 12, 2007

Papa Tom's photos from 2-19-07

Papa Tom had a fun photo shoot with Burke a few weekends ago when we were in Yakima visiting family! Isn't he the cutest?! We think so!
As of Friday 3/9 Burke weighs a whopping 14#~~ gooooo Burke! He's holding his head up much better and tolerates being on his tummy more now (our OT/PT will be very happy to hear this)! Our weekend on Bainbridge went fabulous last week...Burke and Nate had a total bonding experience as they survived a whole 24 hrs without me! Nate later told me that he realizes just how much work it is to be the only one caring for Burke during the day...he is a lot more sensitive to my needs now and knows how to be more helpful...this is great for us all! :) We took Burke out into pulic with us for the first time...went to church with our dear friends Mark & Elle (and Burke's future wife Avery) :) then out to lunch for Indian food..yummy! Burke LOVED it (not the indian food) but being out and about...he's such a social little guy! People were good and stayed away and didn't touch him...I was on high alert and had purell ooooozing out of every pocket just in case! :) This past weekend we took him with us on our monthly run to Target & Best Buy...he sat up in his stroller with his eyes as wide as saucers taking in all of the sights and sounds of the world...he really loved the TV/Speaker section of Best Buy and Nate thinks he thought the lady on the Wii video game was a real person...hehe...I think Nate wants to make a case for why we should buy a Wii for Burke's communication development then he can play with it too..hmmm...these guys...always trying to play video games no matter what age! All in all we feel so liberated to get out and about with's so much fun to show him the world and watch his reaction to life outside of these 4 walls (which are slowely closing in on us as we continue to accumulate more baby gear...ugghhh!)
This week we have a big appt with the urologist for evaluation of Burke's undescended testes (don't tell him I told you cause he'd be pretty embarrased!). He may need a minor surgery to bring them down to where they are supposed to be (hopefully no big deal but we'll see). We also have an regular check up with his pediatrician. On wednesday we have a date with our friends Mark & Elle to go to the ballet (complements of Microsoft) and our good friend Elysia will be watching Burke (sleep hopefully). Nina comes in for a weekend visit from Sacramento so we are really looking forward to a full week of fun!
Thanks for checking our blog and keep checking back for more updates!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Big Boy takes a stroll B.O.B Style 2-26-07

Forget the carseat, we're rollin Big Boy Style!! Our physical therapist ok'd us to use the stroller with Burke looking out at the world. After our appointment, I immediately came home and got him ready for his first big boy stroll. We went to the water to look at the ducks, found some pretty pink flowers to smell and admired the trees from a different perspective! He LOVED it! Burke is so focused and pays very close attention to his visual surroundings...he is a very smart little boy with much patience (just like his daddy)!

Today we had a great visit with Grandpa and Grandma from Yakima and auntie Layci and Uncle Nick from Tacoma. Tomorrow we are adventuring over to Bainbridge Island where I'm attending an overnight Women's retreat with my friend Elle while Nate and Burke stay with Mark (Elle's husband) and baby will be an exciting time for Elle and I to enjoy one day and night away and get some good "girl" time and be encouraged! I am a bit nervous about how Nate and Burke will do without me but I have a feeling they'll survive (we've been through worse!) The only trick will be having enough milk for Burke...I'm still pumping by the way (8 months going strong!). We've calculated out the amounts and it looks like we'll have to make a "milk run" mid-day on Saturday but some of the ladies at church have volunteered to transport some milk (40 miles away) so I won't have to miss out on any of the retreat...I guess it's a little awkward to have a special transport set up for milk with someone I don't know but oh's worth it! :)

Burke is such a fun little guy these past few days! His auditory verbal therapist is amazed at his progress and says he's got great cognitive abilities (beyond what she would expect for his age and preemie status)! Burke enjoys play the lights off lights on game...I flip the light switch on and off and point to the lights and he smiles and giggles. He is really getting the whole cause and effect thing now...he is already turning his head back to the light switch expecting me to turn the switch off or's his way of requesting that I keep playing the game...soooo cute! He's becoming very interseted in the cat (who is currently scared of him) and he had a chance to pet her today and it was very cute. He's holding his head up now and able to sit with minimal support and play with his toys. He likes the little blue bird that chirps (Nina sent to him for Valentines day)...he also likes his soccer ball ALOT! (hmmm...I wonder who he takes after (like all of his 9 uncles who play soccer and not to mention his daddy who was a professional))! We've decided to train him to be a goalie...we figure with his sharp visual skills and good hand eye coordination he'll be perfect!

OK..enough for tonight...It's really late and I need to be in bed but was up working from home on a big project. I figure Burke will be up to eat in about 1/2 hr anyway so why go to bed now when I'll just have to get up...but, my eyes are drooping and head is heavy..big day tomorrow with lots of prep and packing for our weekend away...wish us luck and we'll fill you in when we return!