Sunday, October 04, 2009

He said "Yellow"

After two weeks of school in a total communication (TC) classroom where the teachers use signed exact english and speak concurrently, Burke has learned his colors and the beginning of his ABC's. Everyday he asks to go to school, even on Sundays and then signs "crying" after I say "no school today".  Regardless of the day (school or no school) we sit together at lunchtime and do a review of what Burke is learning. Usually this involves him quizzing me on my colors in sign. So the other day, this is how it went: I bring out two or three different colored bowls and ask him which colored bowl he wants. Burke then points to each and tells me what color it is, then gives himself a choice of which bowl he wants (and usually chooses blue). The other day, he chose yellow and instead of doing the sign (think of a hang loose sign) he looks up at me with those big blue eyes of his and promptly says "ye-yo" for yellow...aaaahhh...that was a huge amazing step for Burke to spontaneously articulate a difficult word and do it without me prompting him over and over...I think I applauded him for at least a minute (he liked that part!)